YPN Report


2023 YPN Chair
Melissa Degen

Opportunities GMAR Brings to Our Membership

So, how many of you have already given up on your New Year’s resolutions?  I’ll be the first to admit that I probably would have if I had even made any!  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have goals set for 2023 and one of those is sharing ALL of the opportunities that GMAR brings to our membership.

The YPN Committee is excited to bring both educational events and networking chances to our members this year.  We started with our Trivia Night on March 9th at Oak Park Social and it was an amazing evening of meeting fellow industry professionals while battling it out for the title of YPN’s Trivia Night Champion!  Our May 15th panel on navigating the changing market will be full of great information from RELATORS® and other industry professionals.

But YPN isn’t the only committee that works diligently throughout the year to bring amazing events and opportunities to our members!  Our Global Initiative Committee is offering up a unique experience to grow your business by attending their “Introduction to Working with International Buyers and Sellers.”  And don’t forget our April 20th Fair Housing Event, which is sponsored by our Diversity & Inclusion Committee!  Go to gmaronline.com/calendar to register for these events and see what other courses are available to you.

Community involvement is yet another area where we encourage our members to be active, and with our Placemaking Task Force we can help our communities with projects through grants for parks, splash pads, lending libraries and more.  We had a great event with Summer in the Park last year at Civic Center Park in Madison Heights and look forward to doing it again this year at Firefighters Park in Troy!

GMAR has 11,000 plus #GreaterAgents and our association’s commitment to their members is evident with all that they offer each of us.  Do yourself a favor and join a committee, take an educational class, come to an event and meet your fellow realtors and see what is so great about GMAR.