Strategic partner Report


2023 GMAR Strategic Partner
 Jeff Fletcher

Keeping The Deal Alive

Hello GMAR Family!

We are all extremely excited when we get to work with a new client. Getting to know their needs and building a connection is rewarding and can lead to an ongoing relationship. There are often challenges along the way that can derail that and thus, the deal dies with the relationship.

Building your team of professionals is essential to keep transactions as simple as possible. My decades of experience have taught me that what scares people the most is the unknown. Much of which revolves around the cost of buying, fixing, and maintaining a home. GMAR has a wealth of talented and experienced strategic partners (affiliates) to get the answers you and your clients need to move forward with the biggest investment most people make, home ownership. From mortgage options, appraisals, inspections, title work, closing gifts, warranties and moving, the GMAR family has you covered.

For example: When issues are discovered during the inspection, remember that anything can be fixed. The most important points are how much will it cost? And who will pay to fix it? The first step is getting a quote from the appropriate contractor. We all know how difficult it can be to get a quote in the timeframe needed. Having a list of trusted contractors is priceless. Often even a “ballpark” idea of cost will give you enough information to work through negotiations. A list of GMAR affiliates is a great place to find the people you need when you need them. If they do not have the answer, they can direct you to who does. Timely answers keep your deal moving smoothly and the client happy. To get to know the GMAR team of affiliates I recommend attending the A-Z classes provided by GMAR. You can see if the presenters are and good fit for your business while getting continuing education credits. Oh, did I mention A-Z classes are free? Yes, free.

One of the many reasons it is great to have a Greater Agent.

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