RPAC Report


2023 RPAC Committee Chair
Debbie DeAngelo

Let Us Talk About RPAC

We often talk about RPAC, but this month I wanted to explain what a Political Action Committee (PAC) is more generally and why it is important. I learned this in Grand Rapids at the Michigan REALTORS® Achieve Conference and thought I would share:

What is a PAC?

PAC stands for Political Action Committee. This is a legal entity financially separate from our association, allowing us to have a voice in the political process. PACs promote transparency through disclosure rules and keep the playing field level by establishing rules.

Why do we need a PAC?

Like it or not, the government has a major influence over your business and our industry. Remember 2020? RPAC interviewed and supported candidates that know and understand our issues, or at least are willing to learn them. Running for office is not easy or cheap. Finances are needed to get a candidate’s message out to the public and rise above the noise. So, it’s imperative that REALTOR®-friendly candidates have the resources they need to get elected.

There are interest groups that have views different from REALTORS®, and they have and utilize PACs. Having a robust PAC is important to ensure our message is heard.

How is RPAC funded?

RPAC is funded through voluntary investments by REALTORS®, Strategic Partners, their spouses, and association staff. This money can be given directly to support candidates endorsed by GMAR, Michigan REALTORS®, and NAR. We also have a second account, known as RPAC 2, that is specifically for ballot measures and issues advocacy. RPAC can accept money from those same sources, with the addition of corporate entities, such as WCRs and MLSs, and brokerages.

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day – real estate isn’t a good business because of luck. It’s only a good business because REALTORS® like you invest and advocate for good policy and help protect our industry.

Help spread the word to your fellow REALTORS® – we have a big goal this year and we need everyone to commit to investing in 2023! Skip just one cup of coffee a month and invest in RPAC.

It’s easy to make your investment, just head to gmaronline.com/invest.